Totally Over It

Cheerios®. Pediatrician recommended. The number one cereal choice for moms with toddlers. One gram of sugar per serving. No artificial colors or flavors. Resists crumbling. Easy for little fingers to hold.

Could you find a better little snack for your baby? (Aside from fruits and vegetables, that is?) I think not.

Around 8 months of age, I introduced P'Dub to glorious Cheerios. It was taste bud love. I never went anywhere without them.

Now, four months later, Preston is totally over the Cheerios hype. He's burnt out. Won't even eat ONE. He'll pick them up and try to feed them to Jeremy or fill his Tonka dump truck bed with them, but he won't put one in his mouth. Totally over it.

So now I'm on the search for a replacement. Baby Mum-Mum's are yummy, but too fragile for the diaper bag. Biter biscuits are tasty as well, but over-the-top messy.

The saga continues.


She said...

Ah yes... So true, so true. They really are one of nature's more perfect foods. Have you tried Gerber puffs? More expensive than Cheerios, but an interesting substitute for those more discerning one year old taste buds.

Anonymous said...

Try the fruit Cheerios

Rachel said...

Audrey absolutely loves the Gerber cereal bars. I just break them up a bit because she'll shove it in her mouth till she gags. They're quite good. She also really likes the gerber fruit sticks (also quite yummy). And of course there's the good ol' puffs and yogurt melts.

Anonymous said...

try gerber wagon wheels. also goldfish!