Mom Brain

When I was pregnant, any absent-minded act I performed was blamed on the pregnancy.

"Oh me, oh my. How silly of me. All I think about is this baby. Pregnancy brain. Tee Hee."

And sometimes it was actually true. Like the time I got a bad case of backne and asked my husband to scratch my back with a piece of sandpaper. (That wasn't the pregnancy brain part.) Shortly after, I asked him to lube my back up with lotion. (This WAS the pregnancy brain part). Within seconds my back was on fire and I could feel every tiny skin lesion. I sat in front of the fan for a half hour.

But now I'm no longer pregnant, yet I find myself still taking part in one mindless act after another. Take yesterday for example. Jeremy, Preston and I walked the trail by our house to the Puget Sound. Preston was in his jogging stroller, and all our belongings were carefully bundled in the storage pocket below.

Upon returning home, I put everything away. Including my Playtex Fridge-to-Go Tote; which goes in the freezer. This little cooler holds two bottles – and for our walk, we filled it with one bottle of water, and one bottle of formula.

Hours pass. Jeremy is getting ready for bed. I'm nearly frantic looking for my cell phone. It wasn't in my purse, in the drawer, on the island. It wasn't anywhere I usually place it.

Then I remember. I put my phone in the outer storage compartment of the fridge tote. The fridge tote is in the freezer. My cell phone is in the freezer!

My phone was chill, ya'll. It was so cold I could barely hold it. And a lightning bug's butt gave off more of a light than my screen now did. Jeremy said I wouldn't know until the morning if it would still function or not. And, it does.

Mom brain. It ain't pretty.

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Monique said...

My electrical engineer husband
(who makes the circuits in cell phones) informed me that the circuits are all tested to withstand -40 degrees Celsius so I doubt your zero degree Fahrenheit freezer will ever be a problem to you again. :P