Even a SAHM Can Have a Crappy Monday

Let me just start off my saying I COULD had had the best night's sleep ever, had it not been for Preston actually waking up on time today, at 7a.m. sharp. Usually I have to wake him up, because the little guy has been known to sleep until 8:30 - but this really throws a wrench in our day. But today, he woke me up. And I was in a deep, precious sleep.

Half-asleep I go into his room to snag him out of his crib. He's all smiling and happy. The stench was horrendous. And the warm mist humidifier somehow thickened the unpleasantness in the room. THIS will wake you up quicker than coffee my friends.

Breakfast went well. P'Dub ate an entire Eggo Low Fat Nutri-Grain waffle with a wee bit of low sugar raspberry preserves. He drank his entire cup of milk, and shockingly was done.

So we weren't off to that bad of a start.

Fast forward... Upon waking Preston from his morning nap, I was once again welcomed with an I-Now-Eat-Big-People-Food diaper. Freakin' sick. Preston is none the wiser, although he really likes to flush his poo down the toilet. I welcome this activity though. I want him to think the shitter is really cool. Maybe this way he'll potty train easier.

After I changed him, I stopped in the bathroom to wash my hands. Preston is sitting in the hallway watching me. No, I take that back. There is splashing. Preston is playing in the toilet water. Back to the bedroom for a shirt change.

Finally I get in the shower. I feel icky just from being around all the poo-ness. Ugh. I wash my hair. Rinse. Condition my hair. Rinse. Body wash my hair. What the heck am I doing? Rinse.

And it's not even noon yet.

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Shala said...

I honestly think it's milk that makes the diapers so rank. My son had to switch to Rice milk and guess what? Not nearly as stinky as other children. I guess there is a slight plus to a milk allergy.