Top 25 Questions I'd Ask P'Dub...

if we were able to converse.

25. Will you really stop eating when you aren't hungry anymore?

Could you sleep or take naps without your monkeys?

Why don't you like cottage cheese? Is it the texture?

22. Have your ears ever bothered you when we've flown?

21. What's with all the grunting; and does it hurt your throat?

20. How is it that you are at peace with sitting in your own feces?

19. If you aren't really tired, why do you rub your eyes and yawn?

18. Which is more comfortable, cloth or disposable diapers?

17. Do you really think Daddy is cooler than Mommy?

16. Do you refrain from saying 'Mama' just to frustrate me?

15. Are you sick of the lullaby cd we play for you, every day, three times a day, since you were born? Do you need it mixed up or you are okay with the monotony?

14. Are there any outfits I put on you that you think are ugly?

13. What are your thoughts on the new babysitter?

12. Why do you throw your sippy cup on the floor, over and over, when in your highchair?

11. Do you dream at night? If so, about what?

10. Why won't you hold still when I try to cut your nails?

9. Do I ever make your bath water too warm?

8. And your diaper, do I ever put it on too tightly?

7. What are your thoughts on a sibling?

6. When it's time to potty train, would you be willing to go above and beyond, give it your all, and become successfully trained within a month?

5. And would you be willing to be potty trained by the end of this year?

4. Why is it you only respond to "No" half the time?

3. Regarding your reflux, does your tummy or throat hurt before you puke; and is it scary for you?

2. Why do you constantly take your socks off?

1. Do you think I'm a good mom?

BONUS QUESTION: When you are going #2, your head turning purple from pushing, and staring intently at me...what are you thinking? Am I just a focal point? Or are you saying with your eyes, "Mom, lay off the cheese for a couple days."


Alexa said...

Love it! I would ask Blair all those same questions. I love the one 'do you really think daddy is cooler than mommy?'. Blair is just starting to really be 'in love' with daddy now, it ticks me off, lol!

Jenny said...

OMG! ROFL at the bonus question!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's so funny!!

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