This Wig is Busted

No more baby mullet. No more baby flock of seagulls. No more "hippie"- that's directed toward you Pappy! Preston's wig is busted!

We went to swanky 'The Salon at Kid's Club' for P'Dubs first haircut, two days after his birthday. Check this place out! The salon is all decked out in a jungle theme, with fun seats - like a fire truck or a yellow cab - to preoccupy your child while his stylist works on his new do.

The fire truck wasn't enough of a distraction for P'Dub, nor was the unactivated cell phone the stylist gave him to play with. Nope. It was all panic and tears. So I held him.

Within five minutes it was all over. The stylist asked if she could put 'product' in his hair and I agreed. He looked so dashing, and I looked like a sashquatch covered in all his hair.

As a keepsake we were given a pre-cut picture (which the stylist took when we arrived), a lock of hair, and a personalized card with the date.

The BEFORE pics: (click to enlarge any photo)

The DURING pics:

The AFTER pics:


Mimi said...

That photo kind of looks like he's amazed that he lived through it! Cute, cute, cute!

Maternity Pregnancy said...

All is well that ends well. I had a similar experience with our 2 year old. Very cute.