I'll Tumble For You

This week Preston and I attended our first 'Mommy & Me' tumbling class at the local community center. Every Tuesday for the next eight weeks we are committed to learning the fundamentals of basic tumbling: trampoline, balance beam, log rolls, somersaults, crawling through tubes and over obstacles, and singing action-songs.

Our first class was both fun and exhausting. For the most part, Preston enjoyed himself. It was all new to him and I was amazed at his confidence - I thought for sure he'd cling to my leg the entire time. But since he needs my help, hence the 'Mommy & Me' part, I was never out of arms reach. He preferred crawling through the short tunnel and would only peek in the long tunnel. The balance beam was only fun the first time around. Somersaults and log rolls only brought on tears. And the parachute games and warm-up songs brought huge smiles.

I think this class is going to be great for both of us. Preston will learn more about how his body moves and works, and gain better control of it. He will become more social and develop flexibility. For me, I'm just going to work on stamina. I should be ashamed to admit this (and I am, but am also an open book), but I had sweat pouring down my back and butt cheeks. And mind you, the class in only 40 minutes short.

At the end of class Preston received a "Wonderful" stamp from the instructor. P'Dub was truly fascinated by it and kept showing it to me. However, in this picture I think he was over it. The vibe I'm getting is, "Okay Mom. This is the last time I'm pointing to this stamp. Yes, I'm cool. But we already know this. Let's not blow this out of proportion. It's a stamp. I'm sure I'll get one next week. Now can I please just finish my snack in peace already."

Boys. They have 'tudes too.

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Azra said...

I do not usually comment on blogs but I'll make it an exception this time. I have been a silent reader of your blog since last year after stumbling upon it while searching for trying to conceive blogs. I have also voted for Preston and congratulations! He truly deserved it!

Everytime I see a picture of Preston being uploaded, I cannot help but wish that one day, I'll have a very cute boy like him. You have done a very wonderful job! Keep up the entertaining posts!