Preston: He's Gymnastic!

Today was the second week of Mommy & Me Tumbling class, but it was the first day I felt a pride I'm not familiar with. Everyone knows I think Preston is the cutest, smartest, orneriest, smartest, cutest, smartest, cutest, and shortest nearly-15-month-old I know. And yes, I love it when people at the grocery store comment on how cute he is, or the ladies at the dentist office think his teeth are darling. All this makes me proud to be his mother, not necessarily proud of him. There is a difference!

At the end of class today, as Preston and I were standing in line to get his "Wonderful" stamp from Mrs. Moss (his teacher), she commented that Preston had greatly improved since last week and that she could really tell a difference. And there I was, and here I am, a PROUD PARENT.

If there was a Proud-O-Meter above my head, it would have been full tilt, far right...it would have been off-the-charts-registering PROUD! My boy?! Improved in just a week?! WOW!!! Now that I think about it, he did walk the balance beam THREE times, and last week just once. He also did the bug crawl down the ramp like a pro. He still cried at the somersault attempt. But he wove in and out of the cones like an agility dog. HE HAD IMPROVED! In fact, I think he needed two 'Wonderful' stamps!!!

He's on his way to the Olympics folks. You heard it here first.

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Mimi said...

Love the pic! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!