Lady, I'm Keying Your Car Later

True to our Wednesday morning schedule, Preston and I packed up and headed out to our Tiny Tumblers class. Or, as Preston refers to it, "bounce class'.

Since we've moved the drive was a bit longer, but I didn't mind. I'm even considering signing him up for the next 6-week session. Usually, and I stress USUALLY, Preston loves bounce class.

Today was a different story. Little P was more reserved than ever. It's no secret that he's never participated in warm-ups – not ONCE in the last year. But after warm-ups, he's golden. The boy is all over the balance beam, bars, trampoline and any obstacle course in his way. But today, he wouldn't get off my lap. We were tighter than a monkey and his tail – spent the entire class in observation mode. 

And for some damn reason, this prompted a fellow mother to approach me with a suggestion. She politely recommended the book "THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILD: HELPING OUR CHILDREN THRIVE WHEN THE WORLD OVERWHELMS THEM".


Can't my kid have a bad morning? I'll tell you who is 'highly sensitive'...ME, LADY! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, fat, tired, cranky, and you totally pissed me off. If there was ANY way I could have gracefully stood up (sans belly and a 2-year-old velcro'd to my mid-section) I would have laid you out right there.

Instead, I'm totally keying your car later. It will read...

To the lady with holes in her socks,
I've got your 'highly sensitive' right here,
and you can suck it!


Megan said...

I can see she was trying to help, but sometimes people just need to mind their Ps and Qs. The best revenge would be for next time for him to be all over everything in front of her and she will see she "ass"umed wrong.

Anonymous said...

You need to find a book for her... "idiots guide to minding your own business"!

Alexa said...

NOTHING worse than some stranger offering kid advice! I hate that!

On a happy note, I hope you are feeling well!