#1 Reason To NOT Leave the Baby Alone with Preston

This evening, Jeremy asked Preston what he wanted to do with the baby when we brought him/her home.

I elaborated and asked, "Will you help change the baby's diaper? Will you hold the baby? Will you give the baby a toy?"

Preston replied, "Peston eat the baby."

NOT a good sign.


Stacie said...

LMAO! Good one, or not. Maybe he meant he'll help 'feed' the new baby?

Either way, Preston sounds adorable!

The Undomestic Mommy said...

hahaha...that's too funny. i can't wait until my little one starts spewing out funny things.

Wei Sic Meow said...


I love a kid who knows his mind!

The Casault Family said...

Preston will do great...Kingston didn't mind Davin for a few days but I think Kingston realized that Davin is staying and now points at this nose, gives him kisses and tickles his feet...its too cute...