The Final Countdown

With 17 days to go, I'm ready to have this little one NOW! The majority of this pregnancy has been a breeze, but the last week and a half has been ugly.

The little bean has dropped, and is putting pressure in places I've never had pressure before! Since Preston was breech, I didn't have any of that 'pushing down' stuff. I've started sleeping in the spare bedroom, as I just can't get comfortable sharing the bed with Jeremy. My feet and hands are swelling. My arms and legs are numb half the time. And all this extra iron for the anemia is doing not-so-nice things to my colon. I'm sorry, did that last line make you feel uncomfortable....imagine how I feel! Ugh.

I'm more than ready for the arrival of this little lad/lass. Nearly everything is washed- just have the bottles to sanitize. Clothes are ready and folded. And the nursery is in great shape with the exception of putting up the book shelf - but I anticipate that to be done this evening! Once it's all ready and picture-perfect I'll upload some pics.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I have picked out the take-home outfit for the little one. During the hospital tour the guide suggested we bring two outfits, because without fail, the baby will probably spit up on his/her outfit for pics and then we'll be bringing home baby in smelly attire. So, we have two girl outfits and two boy outfits. Check 'em out below.

Unfortunately, we are still in debate regarding names. I thought we were all set on Norah Grace, but another girl name has entered the scene - and we're keeping it a secret! For the boy name, we're pretty much stuck on not LOVING anything. You'd think after nine months we'd agree on something!!!

Anyhow, let us know which outfits you'd pick for a girl and boy. Because technically, we really don't need to take FOUR outfits to the hospital.

Lady Bugs and Polka Dots or Pale Pink Flowers and Petite Ruffles for a girl?
Daddy's First Draft Pick or Brown/Blue Striped Monkey for a boy?
(Click pics to enlarge.)

And don't forget, you only have FOUR days left to vote in the gender poll! So far, 'girl' is in the lead!


Wei Sic Meow said...

I remember the not so comfortable last days of pregnancy all too well. But how exciting!

My son didn't have a name for about the first two weeks, we just couldn't decide. Everyone said, you'll just know when you meet him. Nope!

My votes go to:
- flowers for a girl, I like the bundler and ruffles
- first draft for a boy, because I just ordered this outfit for my son so I already think it's really cute!

Kacie said...

I didn't realize you were so far along!

Regarding the outfits...


For a girl, I like the pink with ruffles, but is it a gown? If so, that might be a little bit of a pain in a carseat, right?

And for a boy...I think I like the baseball themed outfit, even though I want to like the monkeys more...does that even make sense?

Take care!!!

Mama Riser said...

Definitely the lady bugs and polka dots. And I'm partial to the monkey coordinates as Sam has the same getup and looks pretty darn cute!

Only 17 days. Holy crap. CAN'T WAIT!!!


Anonymous said...

Light pink for a girl
Monkey for a boy

Do you have Preston's Big Brother t-shirt all ready to go?

JenRN said...

I dont get it, what baby spits up in the hospital! Your milk doesn't even come in until day 3-5, so luckily baby will only be dry heaving if anything. Walla- one outfit needed!! Besides, you can always go with those crafty size XXXL white tees they hand out like candy! :) And I love the 4th pic for little boy- adorable!! Wee!

Kriss said...

I love the name Sterling or Grayson for a boys name! :)

Meet the CJ's said...

As far as the outfits: girl (Ruffles) and boy (Brown/Blue Striped Monkey) ...