Take Me Off the Milk Carton

I've been found! Yes, here I am...alive and WELL. I've updated the "look" of things, altered the blog name, and am ready to get back into writing. It's taken me eight months to get back on here, and over a year to pull myself out of the drudges of postpartum depression and being overly medicated –a prisoner of Lexapro. Last year was a mental blur. I thank God every day for my newly-found clarity.

So, welcome back ME! Off to update the picture link- you all won't believe how big the ankle biters have gotten OR how much trouble they get into!



Mimi said...

Love the new look!

Melissa said...

Glad you're back! And sorry to hear about the last year. I understand, just getting through the end of my Zoloft run after having 2 kids close together. Looking forward to more posts from you and am happy you are feeling better!

vanessa said...

I just happen to have stumbled onto your blog, and I`m glad I did. Very candid and honest!


Crystal said...

glad you are back into the swing of things Lady! Norah Is soo cute! looks like Boo from Monsters inc =0) I love reading your blog. I am sure we have all missed you!

MommyBrain said...

Your blog re-design is gorgeous!