You Are What You Wear

Yesterday we had Preston's best friend Dylan and his family over to our house. We were attempting a St. Patrick's Day mulligan due to the sickness that invaded our home last week. Everyone wore green, we listened to Irish music and ate green food! After a long day of play outside and their bellies full, the wiped out kids requested to watch a movie.

As I trolled through the channels to see what was on cable, Goonies caught the eye of the children. It was nearing the end of the film, where everyone was in battle on the hidden pirate ship. The kids screamed in delight over all the jewels and magical scenery so I agreed to let them finish the movie.

A couple minutes into the show, I popped back in the room to see how everyone was doing and if the movie was 'okay', ie not scaring them.

An overly-excited Preston replied, "Yes Mommy! I love this movie because Superman is in it!"

Let this be a lesson to all of us. We're all super heroes if we wear the gear.

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