The Bump is Breech

My OB is giving the baby two weeks to turn head-down. If by January 8th the baby has not turned, he/she will officially join the 3% of babies who are breech.

At that point Jeremy and I will decide whether or not to have a procedure called External Cephalic Version. This procedure attempts to turn a fetus from a breech position or side-lying position into a head-down position before labor begins. When successful, version makes it possible for a vaginal birth instead of a C-section.

There are significant risks (to the baby) associated with the procedure, as well as a mere 50% success rate. As of now, we're leaning towards not having the procedure and will most likely go forth with a C-section.

Although our birth plan is geared around avoiding a C-section, our baby's health is first priority. It's not worth it to have my child's arm broken or risk a loss of oxygen resulting in brain damage just to save myself from another abdominal scar. It's just not motherly!

In the next couple weeks we are going to try a couple "home remedies" to try to get the baby to turn on its own. My OB said lying upside down on an ironing board at a 40 degree angle is just crap, but I've read otherwise. If you ask me, anything is worth a try. Any other suggestions are welcomed!


Monique said...

Kate, I have heard there are specialized acupuncture techniques to help turn a breech baby. Perhaps you could look into finding a reputable acupuncture clinic? Also, I had a prenatal fitness instructor tell me that doing "bridges" for 15min. a few times a day can help turn the baby...and she used to work as a nurse in L&D, if that makes the advice anymore reputable. Either way GOOD LUCK! I hope you get to have a vag delivery!!

Anna said...

Hey Kate,
I just started reading your blog and agree that acupuncture may be the ticket. Its pretty powerful - two friends have used it to induce labor successfully and I'm sure a good practitioner can help you with turning your little baby:)