Dreft (for Suckers)

After an unexpected trip to L&D this week, Jeremy and I realized we might want to purchase our remaining baby necessities sooner than later. (I'm fine by the way...1cm dilated!)

Our list consisted of things like button up pjs for the hospital, some nursing supplies, hard candy to help with dry mouth during delivery and last, but not least, Dreft to wash our all baby items in.

Unlike the bottle system or diapers I chose, I did no research on laundry detergent. Word-of-mouth and numerous advertisements in baby magazines led me to believe that Dreft is just what I should use.

Standing in the laundry isle I was in sticker shock...a 1.5 gallon tub of Dreft is $15.00? What the hell? What's in this stuff that makes it so special? If I use Dreft will the baby shit ice cream?

I just didn't get it, so I "attempted" to compare the solution in Dreft to the solution in Target's knock-off. However, you can't compare the two because Dreft doesn't release their secret ingredients. So there is no way to actually know just what is in this stuff that makes it so friggin' amazing.

I convinced myself that it was okay to splurge this one time and then do further research before buying it again. After all, in addition to clothes, I'm supposed to wash the bassinet and crib sheets, swing and car seat fabrics in this stuff...so I'd better be safe than sorry.

This morning I went to the Dreft web site and clicked their FAQ tab. The first question is, "How is Dreft formulated for baby laundry needs?"

The answer: The Dreft® formula is designed to not only help fight tough baby and toddler stains, but also provide a gentle clean for baby.

Well, no shit. Isn't that what all laundry detergent is formulated to do?

So from now on, I think I'll go with the Target knock-off or All Free & Clear – or something similar with no scents or dyes. I'll consider this a FIRST-TIME-SUCKER-MOM purchase and chalk it up to just being naive.


The Edwards Family said...

I don't use Dreft for laundry, but my mom always used it for us if we had a diaper rash. She would put a 1/4 cup of the powder form in the tub while we soaked. I just did it for my two year old who had a nasty rash and it calmed down with in hours and is almost gone now the next day.

Jag8625 said...

I was searching to find a diff in dreft and target brand and came across your blog. First I used dreft for the past 7 months and bizz for stains. I also used it with my 11 and 13 year olds. I do like it, but 2 months ago I started using knock off from target. It has been fine for us, im not sure I love it, but it does the job. I use gain for the rest of us and have for years and years. I have decided to research into and see what I am actually paining for, but im a new mom of three who goes to school, so my guess is it will take me a while, my 9 month old seems to have no reactions to my gain either. However somehow he has gotten a fungi infection that the dr says is common but im a bit worried about it. I read the post about dreft and soaking, but that scares me a bit. All those chemicals just soaking in my babies skin, can that really be ok? I also dont think the medicine the dr gave me is working, its only day two but I see no good changes, maybe bad changes, but its also an unknown chemical to me soaking in his skin, so maybe the dreft tub would work?? I have never seen or dealt with a fungi infection. Have you? My friend says dogs can carry ring room and its a tye of fungi infection. Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion on detergents making me look even deeper and any info you have would be great.