Dr. Ben Almasa-who?

Meet Dr. Benjamin P. Almasanu, D.O., the Bump's pediatrician. I met with him last week during an open house at Pediatric and Adolescent Practitioners, Inc. in Gahanna, Ohio.

Once a month the practice offers prenatal consults to expecting mothers. So I went, met with a nurse who gave me a tour and the 411 on the practice (how awesome is it that they have TWO waiting rooms – one for well visits and the other for sick children), then sat down and spoke with Dr. Ben.

I chose Dr. Ben as he was highly recommended by a neighbor. And I can see why, because he is very easy to talk to, open to questions, and is very aware of the kinds of things that freak new parents out (like the truth behind whether or not vaccinations are linked to autism). He's also realistic. Having an 11 month old himself, he understands what is recommended and what is real-life.

My next visit with Dr. Ben will be 5 days after the birth of the baby. Which, as we all know, won't be long!

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