Childbirth 101: What to REALLY Expect When You Are Expecting

This past weekend Jeremy and I participated in a 2-day Childbirth Education class offered by the Ohio State University. What an eye opener!

This class helped prepare Jeremy and I for the events of labor and birthing. We were engulfed in a comprehensive overview of the birth process including signs and stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, pain management options and the birthing experience.

We are now in the process of creating a birth plan we feel confident about. A major part of the plan is to walk as much as possible and utilize the birthing ball and various positions to help move the baby through the birth canal. I feel strongly about allowing "gravity" play a major role in the progression of my labor, which means I in no way want to be confined to a bed.

This ultimately means going through the labor process as naturally as possible. If/when the pains of labor become more than I can endure, I'll opt for the IV pain medicine Nubain or an Epidural, depending on how far along I am in the process.

Jeremy and I are starting to practice our breathing and relaxation techniques on a nightly basis. He's going to be a great coach! I only hope I'll be a cooperative student!


Bitsy Pieces said...

I'll bet the class was really informative. Are you two planning on taking any other kind of classes?

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