Jeremy and Dr. Trout ...The Men in My Life

Today was the BIG day...Jeremy and I met with my OBGYN to go over all my test results and have our first ultrasound! What an experience...

As we were waiting in the reception area, I was a bit nervous, but not nearly as nervous as Jeremy! The second we walked into the waiting room I watched my husband's face turn to a pale shade of white, which was then accompanied by a look of panic. He quietly says to me, "I've never been more uncomfortable in my life. I'm the only dude in here and there are all these women around."

The nurse soon called my name and Jeremy and I went back to the exam room. The nurse told me to get completely undressed and Dr. Trout (yes, my OBGYN's last name is Trout...very funny, go ahead...make a joke) will be in shortly.

Jeremy's face is now even more void of blood and is nearly transparent. He looks at me and squeaks, "Babe. Is this normal? Do you always have to take ALL your clothes off?"

I assure him that it is normal and explained that the Doc is first going to give me full exam and then he'll do the ultrasound. Jeremy starts to fidget with his wedding band, like he always does when he's nervous. He then says, "Ummm. I'm not too comfortable with this. Being in the room with another man when my wife is naked is just weird."

I couldn't help but laugh at him (in a nice way, of course). I'd never see him like this and it was quite endearing.

Before I could calm Jeremy down the Doc was in the room and was going through the results. The Doc let us know my blood work was fine and all my numbers were where they should be. He then gave me a general examination.

Shortly after the Doc turned the lights off and proceeded to administer the ultrasound. He started searching for the embryo, but didn't find it immediately.

And there IT was...our little embryo. Our little "cub" as we sometimes affectionately call it. The Doc measured it and it was less than 2mm...which, from everything that I'd read...it was half the size it should have been. I try not to panic, after all, if something was wrong the Doc would tell me, right?!

The Doc didn't give me any indications that anything was wrong, although he did question the date of my last period. I told him I was certain it was April 22nd. He let Jeremy and I know that the baby was too small to see a heartbeat and said to come back in 12 days.

...and this is where the freak-out begins.

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