The Screams Heard Around the World

The corn was seasoned and wrapped in foil. The meat saturated in a bold marinade. And the "special" cookies were carefully hidden in the cabinet by our fridge. Is 1:00pm ever going to get here?!

Finally, my Mom shows up and shortly after Jeremy's parents. We're so excited...they have no idea we are about to tell them they are going to be grandparents!

Everyone settles in. We crack open a couple beers and turn on the stereo. Jeremy is grilling away as the rest of us gather around in the garage and chat away.

After everyone has filled their bellies I'm ready to bring out the "special" cookies. This morning I iced three sugar cookies and then personalized each one with colorful gel icing. My mom's said "Mimi"...which is what she called her grandma. Judy's cookie said "Grandma" and Jeff's cookie said "Grandpa". I couldn't wait to pass them out, but nobody was hungry for dessert. Damnit!

After about an hour of cornhole...and me continuing to fill my beer bottle with Ginger Ale...Jeremy told the parents it was time for dessert! Once everyone came in from the backyard, we passed out the cookies.

There was a brief 3-second pause while the parents were deciphering what the cookies meant. Then...screams. Screams, tears, hugs, more screams, more tears, more hugs, repeat.

The mom's both said they had a hunch Jeremy and I might announce we were pregnant, but after seeing me drinking beer all day (which I mentioned before was Ginger Ale) they quickly ditched that idea.

It was perfect. I only wish I had a video camera!


excruciatingly said...

Wish I could have been there to see it - musta been cool to see the looks on their faces, Ma Kat. I'm going to call you that for the rest of your life, you know...?

Ma Kat said...

I SUPPOSE that's okay. Just wait 'til you get knocked up...I'll come up with something grand for you as well!

Sazzly said...

That's such an awesome way of announcing it!

PS. YOur father in law is rather handsome...