The Ultrasound is Ultra-Amazing!

Being in the waiting room today was much more nerve racking than the last visit. At our last visit, we weren't sure what to expect. This visit was the visit to determine if there would be any more visits at all...would we or would we not see the heartbeat?

Lucky for us...we did! We not only saw the heartbeat we HEARD the heartbeat. It was so amazing that it left both Jeremy and I speechless. We just kept staring at the tiny image on the flat screen in front of us. It's little heart was beating at 163 beats per minute and was flickering like a tiny little beacon...just letting us know that everything was alright.

The little cub had quite a growth spurt as well. He was topping off at about 2cm. The Doc said that all the cub's stats looked excellent and sent us on our way with even better news...we have a .5% chance of miscarriage. We couldn't be happier!

New due date: February 3

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