My Lovely Lady Lumps...and other symptoms

Ahhh yes, the inevitable symptoms.

• My Lovely Lady Lumps. These things are growing at a rate I can't even fathom. I'm starting to think that breast reduction I had back in '05 was all for not. And honestly, I thought pregnancy breasts didn't happen until the end of your pregnancy when your milk came in. I actually weighed them on my kitchen scale this past week. Jeremy guessed them both at 3lbs each, although the scale said 1.5lbs each. He thinks he's right, of course. :)

• The mood swings. I'm suddenly a major bitch and it's all because of this baby. I can pretty much go from happy to mega-Streisand in a matter of split seconds.

• Reading. I can't stop reading about pregnancy. I'm on babycenter.com, baby-gaga.com, americanbaby.com. I've also bought a number of books...What to Expect When You are Expecting, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and Belly Laughs...and I can't even remember the names of the miscellaneous materials I've brought home from the library.

• The sickness. Morning, afternoon, evening...the sickness does not discriminate. I've never loved bagels, Ginger Ale and mints more than I do right now.

• Fatigue. Who can sleep 11 hours every night and still take an afternoon nap? I can!

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FalnAngel7 said...

Hi. Just saw that you have a blog on the babycenter boards and thought I'd stop by and say Hi.

There's another book that I've heard is good. Its called From the Hips. I think its fairly new. Its a bit more straight talking than some of the other books.

I'm going to add you to my blog roll. Have a great Friday and a nice weekend!