I'm Too Excited Not to Buy Stuff!

Some people may judge a mother-to-be for purchasing baby items at a mere 8 weeks. And perhaps I am pushing it, but the Doc. gave us great stats and darnit I'm buying stuff!

Since we found out I was pregnant, I've purchased the following items:
• A Kolkraft bassinet that vibrates. Brand new, this bassinet would cost around $60. I purchased it gently used off of Craigslist.

• Caterpillar/Bugs crib bedding set and misc. room items. This was a purchase off of Ebay in which a woman from California had a crib business and was getting out of it. So, she was putting complete bedding packages together...valance, bumper, dust ruffle, quilt, border, lamp, misc. I scored a brand new, 16 piece set for a total of $100 (with shipping).

• Delta Luv crib and Sealy mattress. This was another freakin' steal. Again, a smart find on Craigslist. The crib/mattress were only used to keep the baby confined while the mother showered or cleaned house, as the baby sleeps with the parents. The crib and mattress can be purchased at Babiesrus for $250 and the mattress for $100. I paid less than half the total for both pieces, and the kind lady even threw in a wedge (I think this is some sort of contraption to keep the baby's head elevated so it doesn't drown in its own vomit).

• A bee stuffed animal. It's cheeks light up as it plays an instrumental version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". This we bought at Target, but it matches the nursery theme, so we couldn't resist. (Okay, "I" couldn't resist.) The funny thing about this tiny toy is the fact it has the words "PRESS" embroidered on its chest. This is so the baby can read it and then know where to push...I'm not sure? Disappointing however, is the fact you can't open it up and change the batteries. So, when the juice runs out, it runs out. Which, by the way, Jeremy says the toy will be dead before the baby even gets here because I keep playing with it. :)

Hmmmm... what can I buy next?!


Cheryl said...

Oh dear Kate...Take it from me...the buying has just begun! Even as the alarm is ringing in your head.."Do I need to buy this?, Does the baby REALLY need this?" you will somehow convince yourself that Yes, yes...the baby does NEED this! Trust me.

excruciatingly said...

Are you going to buy one of those contraptions that allows you to hang the baby on the back of a public restroom stall while you take a leak? The baby DOES need it.