Close but No Cigar

By 7:30 this morning Jeremy and I had the car packed, pee-jug in hand, and high hopes of becoming "parents" as we started en route to the hospital. (Actually, Jeremy being the more level-headed one, said he didn't feel like today was going to be the day, but I was nearly certain.)

In the car, I was on edge and quite nervous whereas Jeremy seemed cool and calm. And trust me, hearing "just relax" does not help a woman who thinks she is about to go under the knife. Instead, it only makes a woman want to rip her sweet, loving, husband's head off. The 35 minute ride felt like hours.

Quickly admitted to L&D, it was no time before the pee-jug was sent off to the labs, I was hooked up to machines and my blood was drawn. Nearly two and a half hours went by before all my results were in...all is well with myself and the baby I just have a considerable amount of protein in my urine, so I was free to go.

FREE TO GO? WHAT? THIS IS THE SAME CRAP I'VE BEEN FED SINCE MID-DECEMBER! How about getting this baby out of me? My adrenaline is pumping at a rate I can't even fathom and I'm ready to have this baby now! What difference does it make if I have the baby today or in two days? I choose now! I don't want to go home without a baby in my arms! I don't want to have to go through another anxiety-filled trip to L&D...this sucks!

One thing is for sure, Wednesday's trip to L&D will not leave us empty handed. I will be leaving a Mother, and Jeremy a father. It is going to be the best day of our lives. I just hope I can stop puking long enough from the narcotics to enjoy it.

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Monique said...

Ugh, what a let down! I'd have been every bit as disappointed in leaving without baby in tow. But, and I can't believe this, you're going to be a mommy in 2 days! It must be nerve-wracking and yet so nice to be able to have an absolute birth date and end date for this pregnancy. :) Good luck!! And, by the way, I'm totally jealous.