It's 4:50 AM on D-DAY!

You know the Disney t.v. commercial that airs every summer...where the kids can't sleep 'cause they are too excited to go to Disney world. Well, I thought that I would be up all night, but surprisingly I slept an entire 5 hours! I can only contribute this to the mental mayhem I was going through yesterday.

This morning, however, I feel a little more relaxed. Maybe this is the calm before a new mental storm or maybe a little glimpse of relief as the big birthday is finally here. Jeremy on the other hand must need a pick me up- he's actually making coffee right now. I have a feeling he might not have slept so well. New Dad jitters?

Being that it's delivery day, I have to close the gender poll. Boys are in the lead with 51 votes. The girls only have 43. It will be less than 5 hours folks, before Jeremy and I discover if our faithful readers have the gift of accurately guessing.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how soon it will be before I can log back on to update everyone. I'm thinking about a week- it could be sooner if I can persuade Jeremy to get on and post during one of his trips home in the next couple days. I'll see what I can do!

Thanks to everyone for all their love and support through these past 39 weeks. I think I've experienced quite every emotion possible and have shared the majority of them with you. Today however, I'm sure to be filled with intense feelings of love and joy that I didn't know existed. And I'm not confident I'll be able to relay any of it accurately- I've been told there aren't words.

Yah for D-Day!