Going Green: Going Cloth

Did you know that disposable diapers make up the third largest source of solid waste in landfills (after newspapers, and food and beverage containers)? And that it takes over 500 years for disposable diapers to decompose in those landfills?

Did you know that one baby, from birth through potty training, uses an average of 8,000 diapers. This is roughly $2,500!

So recently I've been asking myself, "Why the hell am I using disposable diapers? Especially when I work from home."

So I've been researching cloth diapers and they seem WAY easier than back in the old days. No soaking - just wash every couple days/3x a week. No pins - they have velcro or snap closures. Just wear, wash, repeat. (At least it seems that easy.)

But I ran into a little trouble figuring out what 'type' of disposable diaper is right for me. There are soo many options...fitted diapers, all-in-one diapers, one-size diapers, pocket diapers, hybrids. It started to get complicated.

Luckily there are websites to aid the cloth diaper dummies out there, as myself. I found a great site called DiaperDaisy.com that has a trial package of six types of diapers. Yes, a TRIAL package. I 'borrow' the set for $20.00, and after two weeks I can send them back. All I pay is shipping. I also have the option of keeping what I like and returning what I don't like. How awesome is this!

I also ordered a one-sizer from WildflowerDiapers.com that wasn't in the trial package. They have the 14 day guarantee as well.

I'm super psyched for all my diapers to arrive. I'm expecting a learning curve, but am up for the challenge. After all, if this cloth diaper thing works out we'll be saving a fair amount of money. Depending on whether I go for the fitted (which is sized) or the one-sizers (which grow with your baby), a complete cloth diaper system starting at Preston's age will run us around $450.00. A 'system' includes about 20-25 diapers, washable inserts/pads, and wet bags (which is where you store the dirties).

And from what I've read, the benefits of cloth diapers go beyond helping the environment and saving money. Apparently Preston will also benefit. Since the diapers are made of cloth (or hemp) and have a microfleece or microfiber inner lining, they will naturally pull wetness away from his body. Apparently cloth diapers are the cure for diaper rash! And if they aren't the cure, cloth diapers still seem better than sitting in an unbreathable, chemical-gel filled paper diaper.

Alright. I've convinced myself cloth is the way to go. Have I persuaded you?


seadragon said...

I use cloth diapers on our 4 1/2 month old and have been using them since he was just a couple of weeks old. I have a diaper service that I LOVE because it means I don't have to wash the diapers myself! I just put them in a bin and then once I week I put them out in front and the diaper service picks them up and leaves me new diapers in their place. So I don't have the cost or the hassle (or the disgustingness) of having to wash them. (And it can be disgusting, as I discovered when we visited my in-laws and we brought my cloth diapers with us - but we either had to wash them there or bring them home dirty!)

Anyway, it's about $17 a month for the service so we're not really saving money, but we do hope it's helping the environment. Also, except for a fungal rash at first (and could have been caused by the disposable diapers we used then), our baby has been completely rash free.

I can't say for sure that I would use cloth if I didn't have the diaper service to do all the cleaning for me though...

MBKimmy said...

I am not jumping on this ban wagon - however you did make my eyebrows raise up a few times - maybe if you could write some mroe later about how it is all going -
1) I can't imagine the stinch
2) the amount of laundry i already do is un godly
3) when out and about ... you have to carry a dirty stinky diaper home?!
Good luck and I look forward to reading more about it!

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into G diapers? They are the best of both worlds. (Well at least for me) They have a flushable insert that you put into an outer cloth diaper. This eliminates carrying home dirty diapers but still helps with the environment, as they do not end up in the landfills. You should look them up.

Ma Kat said...

I did look into GDiapers. That's how I got into the cloth thing. With the GDiapers you have to wash the outers anyhow, so I figure why not just all out. Plus with the GDiapers you still have to keep buying the inserts; which correct me if I'm wrong, are more expensive than disposables.

Regarding bringing dirty diapers home...I do it most of the time anyhow. I prefer to change him in the backseat of my car when we are out. It's just cleaner than public restrooms. And I put the dirties in a scented bag...similar to what you do with cloth.

I will keep everyone posted!

Anonymous said...

G diapers run about 30 - 40cents per insert. Of course you have the added costs of the actual cloth diaper, (around $15.00 each) but not having to handwash dirty cloth diapers is worth the exchange for me. Hope this helps!!

Anonymous said...

Good on your girl! I really have respect for you. When I have a baby I will definatly be using cloth. It just seems like the best option over all.

Kristine said...

I have used the BG's on my littleone since she was bron 8 months ago, everyone thought i was CRAZY!!!
the out and about thing...you can get travel wet bags, they're made of the same outter material as your BG's and have a zipper (they fit about 4 diapers) As well they have a large bag (which i highly reccomend) that you put your dirty diapers in and then just throw in the wash!! I was sooo tired of bleaching out my pail all the time.
Here's a good site for ya www.cozybums.ca, it'll give you an idea anyway.
Keep up the good work!!