Happy Birthday Daddy, Love Preston

Last week Jeremy turned the big 3-0. I thought it would be cute to make Daddy's card extra special, by outlining Preston's hand on the inside.

It's not realistic to think a six month old is going to sit still, keep his hand open and flat, and let me move a pen around his chubby fingers.

Preston couldn't have been less thrilled, and his message was quite clear.


MBKimmy said...


Cheryl said...

That is too funny!!!

Monique said...

I actually chuckled at that one. :) I'm sure daddy appreciated the joke too. (By the way, Benoit tried to do this for me for mother's day and all I got was a fist.) LOL.

Joe said...

Happy B-day J-dog. Sucks though cause that is the same card I was gonna get you. Oh well. Maybe you guys should make cards with Preston flipping people off. I know I would buy one.