Slimy, Green, Gerber Goodness

This evening marked an important milestone in baby Preston's life – he dined on Gerber green beans. This is the first food (and I'll use this term loosely) his virgin palette has ever encountered.

At first he seemed to struggle with the transition from rice cereal to beans, temporarily forgetting how to eat off a spoon. He also had difficulty figuring out whether or not the green, runny stuff was tasty or not. And rightly so. I tasted it and am still on the fence.

Being the good little man Preston is, he toughed it out and finished all his green beans...a 'happy plate' as my in-laws would say.

Check out the video.
Bon Appetit!


Mimi said...

That had me laughing the whole way through. Such a pained look, and definitely not the look when he gets cereal!

Anonymous said...

Mom & Dad this an incredibly exciting time for you too. Wait until you see how interesting and COLORFUL diapers become. Love you lots.