Holla for the Million Dolla' Idea

Just wondering out loud here...are sock suspenders, a.k.a. sock garters made in infant sizes? If they are, please share the website. If they aren't, I might become rich off the idea.

Preston either pulls his socks off or they fall off constantly. It's highly irritating and I'd willingly pay $5-$10 for a cute, yet trendy, pair of these things for him.

I imagine it would be fairly easy to market. New parents would especially go for it. Hell, new parents buy wipes warmers and baby washcloths. But even a seasoned mother might be delighted to find both socks on her child's feet after returning home from the grocery store.

So, let me know folks. Or, steal my idea. Whatever.


Seven Bells said...

I will buy them--hell we lost a shoe in a KFC the other day--how does that happen? To think this whole time we were just going to go the WT route and use duct tape.

MBKimmy said...

haha that is great ... Tatum wont leave her socks on either!

Monique said...

They make Baby Legs, which are leg warmers but if you tuck the socks under those, they stay put. Voila! They make them in cute boy colors and camo and have the added bonus of keeping his legs warm with an extra layer under his pants.

Ma Kat said...

I have two pairs of Baby Legs, but it's just weird (to me) to put leg warmers on a boy.