I'm Back...But not in Full Effect

Yes, I'm back...in Seattle, that is. And online as well.

We've been visiting family in Ohio since mid-December and have finally returned to our Pacific Northwest home. It's been quite a journey and I have a few key stories and pictures that I'm anxiously awaiting to share.

However, I must first unpack and do laundry- since our luggage finally arrived yesterday...a day later than our arrival. But that's neither here nor there.

So I'm technically back, but not in full effect. Be expecting numerous posts in the next few days!

Happy 2009!

(Authors note: I'm back-dating this, although it originally posted Jan. 5, 2009. In the essence of portraying real-time entries, the posts following, dated up until Jan. 4 will also be back-dated.)


MBKimmy said...

may I ask what you and your bubby do for work?! A half a month off of work?! Where do I sign up?!

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Alexa said...

Ah...I can't wait to visit my homestate of OHIO for some fun in the snow!

Come on over to my blog for an award I've given you!