Santa Done Good

Before traveling to Ohio (which should have been today, but due to the Seattle blizzard is now tomorrow), Jeremy and I decided to host our first Christmas as a family of three.

Preston was speechless when he woke from his afternoon nap and found Santa had came! He'd look at me, then the presents. He'd look at Jeremy, then the presents. All he mustered up was a little grunt.

At first leery of our sad excuse for a tree and presents, Preston's curiosity soon got the best of him. Touch. Pick up. Smile. Throw down. Shake. Lick. Giggle. Toss.

What puzzled Preston the most is that Jeremy and I encouraged him to rip the paper. After all, if there is one thing my kid likes to do, it's rip and eat paper. As human nature would have it, once you are allowed to do something, it often takes the fun out of it. (Similar to Jeremy at the topless beaches in Mexico...What? I can look at 'them'? Hmmm. That's just boring.)

Slowly, yet steadily, Preston opened the majority of his gifts. He scored new bibs...complete with crumb-catcher pockets, a book, dump truck, cell phone, remote, and a couple other goodies. But I think you'll be able to tell from the video which gift was his favorite!


Anonymous said...

What did you use to track your day by day pregnancy ? We are really excited and looking forward to our first Christmas in 2009

Pregnancy blog and forums said...

Hey guys,

Great blog! I just found it and will be sharing it with my pregnant wife. :)

- Tarzan